Thursday, March 7, 2019

A "Culture of Entitlement"?


With the current dialog about welfare, It is time to look at the people who are the real  beneficiaries, of the welfare system.
Who use the educated and healthy  workforce, the safe environment and the functioning infrastructure, our taxes and work, provides.
The people who say "everyone should stand on their own two feet", "you don't work you don't eat",  and "take personal responsibility",
The business sector.
What Business wants.
  1. Staff fully educated and trained. "Job ready".
  2. Low wages.
  3. Tertiary education.
  4. Better infrastructure, including power, roads, transport links and other services.
  5. Better Government services.
  6. Protection from crime.
  7. Help with research.
  8. Help with exporting.
  9. Help with business development.
  10. More immigration to keep wages and training costs down.
  11. A pool of casual labour/unemployed, available when and where wanted.
  12. Welfare benefits at starvation level, so people will take any low paid irregular hour job offered.
All supplied by tax payers and/or  employees, at great cost to the rest of us, that pay our taxes......
Now get this.
Not happy with being able to use, tax rebates, PAYE earners cannot, and the numerous accounting loopholes to minimise tax, as well as outright tax fraud, they also want.............
TAX CUTS for business!

What business wants, is a lot of benefits supplied by tax payers, and the unemployed.
They want someone else to pay for it.
"Socialism for Business".
Where is the outrage from the "Tax Payers Union" and the "bene bashers"

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