Saturday, June 12, 2010


All foreshore and seabed should be crown land, owned by all of us. No private rights to the foreshore should be allowed apart from leases for necessary activities such as ports, moorings, marine activity clubs and some aquaculture etc.

The public and iwi should also have a say in any coastal activity. Maori are quite right in saying why should their rights to go to court over title be removed without addressing the foreshore already alienated in private ownership.
No one should be able to take up large parts of the coast for things like aquaculture without limitations regarding public access and environmental and cultural limitations.

Unfortunately some Iwi want ownership for purely commercial reasons, Fortunately many others want to maintain Guardianship which most New Zealanders would agree is reasonable.

If ownership rights which can be proved in court are removed compensation can come for both Maori and Pakeha owners from treaty compensation funds.

The queens chain should be part of all new development and enforced on farmland etc where it already exists. Too often when walking or rowing up a stream, or on a paper road we get told by some arrogant cockie that we are on his! land.

Some cases where taking public ownership may be manifestly unjust such as when foreshore has eroded in front of a house could be grandfathered.

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