Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What i would like to see from our politicians.


I want to see a commitment to real democracy. BCIR for example. See Switzerland. "The point is not whether we make right or wrong decisions, but it is our decision!"(Quote from no right turn)  Not as we have to do at present, vote for the lot we threw out last time to get rid of policies we don't like, who then introduce another lot of failed imitations of US and UK policy.
A sustainable economic system that works for all the rest of us. Those that do the work, not the ones that juggle the money. Recognise, that, as the adage holds "those who have the money makes the rules" and take back control of our currency from financial burglars.
Recognition that GDP is not the only measure of success.
Fair and reasonable provision for disadvantaged people.
An education system that is based on evidence, not the latest fad from some politician. In fact that should apply to everything.

More on this as later.


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