Monday, August 8, 2011

Signs of Hope.


Signs that some of our Government have learnt from their mistakes.

The plan so far. NZ Labour Party.

""Labour will introduce a capital gains tax. It’s predicted the tax will raise $26 billion over 15 years that can be used to pay off
debt, cut taxes for most New Zealanders, save our assets and prepare for the mounting cost of our aging population.
Labour will also put the top tax rate back up to 39 cents for income earned over $150,000.
That’s likely to affect around 2% of the country’s top earners.
A CGT is already in use in nearly all developed countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom and United States"".

I wonder if the money people will allow so big a departure from Neo-Liberal dogma.

They are already trying to smear the leaders of Labour.

1 comment:

  1. Well there was signs of hope for Labour.

    Until they put a "third way" incoherent apparatchik in as leader.