Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nuclear power in NZ.

 We are in the fortunate position that we do not need nuclear power. The amount of renewable energy from low impact hydro, wind, solar, biomass (Eg forestry waste) and wave available in NZ can more than meet all our predictable energy needs now and in future. There should be a total ban in NZ of any new non-renewable power generation including nuclear and coal. Nuclear energy is not renewable and the long term storage problem has not been solved.
On the other hand A lower energy world is not going to happen as 9 billion people need energy to survive. While using local resources only and returning to a sort of pre-19th Century utopia sounds good it would mean we could feed only a fraction of the world. Investment in lower emitting, lower energy technology is needed for both economic and environmental reasons. This is where a carbon tax used for developing green tech would have been a much better option for our future than the present joke of an ETS. (Allows pollution so long as you pass the costs onto customers and taxpayers.)

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