Friday, August 27, 2010

Where are Labour?


We need valid alternatives to neo-liberalism.

Labour opened the door in the first place and some of the culprits are still there. Douglas and co like teenage vandals in a toy shop. They were unable to stop at the necessary reversal of some of Muldoons rorts.
If Labour is just going to fiddle around the edges like the last 9 years then they have really lost their way.

Face some facts. The current system only works for overseas financiers. Productive people are leaving in droves as their pay is reduced. Sticking every one in jail does not cut crime. Inequality is increasing rapidly. The new generation think that antisocial greed and loss of community are normal.

NACT are borrowing for election bribes just like Muldoon. How long before they start rigging election boundaries like them also?
Unless Labour comes up with some sense and courage NACT will have us down the toilet.

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