Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On Global warming and our children's future.


While we spend our time nit picking, we should never lose sight of the real problems.

1. Anthropogenic global warming. (Climate change).
2. The political and economic system which supports short term gain for a few people at the expense of our children's future.
3. The widening gap in income and power between most of the worlds people, and a few who have stolen most of the resources.

4. How we can ethically adjust resource use and human population to allow a sustainable and just society.

James Hansen on Climate change.

“Human-made climate change is a moral issue. It pits the rich and the powerful against the young and the unborn, against the defenseless and against nature.
“Climate change is a political issue. But politics fails when there is a revolving door between government and the fossil fuel-industrial complex.
“Climate change is a legal issue. The judiciary provides the possibility of holding our governments accountable for their duty to protect the public interest.”

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