Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why in a decent society we should support social welfare.


Frank Ritchie has a good piece here on why we should support a social welfare system.

On why social welfare is something we should do..

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that there are growing prejudices in our country targeted at those who receive a government benefit. Note, we’re not talking about subsidies in the agricultural industry, bail-outs for investors who took risks in finance companies that have failed or high income earners who shift their capital around in order to access government benefits – somehow they are exempted from the seething anger aimed at beneficiaries. The targets for the prejudices are those who access the unemployment, invalids and domestic purposes benefits. In many people’s eyes these are a different breed of receiver of government money than the others.".

At the end of the day most beneficiaries are us, given a bit of bad luck, an accident or prolonged illness away.

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