Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Myths about welfare.


We all hear the recurrent myths about welfare. Like thousands of young girls breeding for the DPB. In fact most DPB recipients are divorced older women whose ex partners are not giving the support they should. Hardly The women's  fault.

Or the many DPB fraudsters supposedly ripping off the system. The fraud unit of WINZ found 16 million worth of fraud in 2008 or .01% of benefit [payments. And! most of the fraud was by staff.

The banks defrauded us of 2 billion dollars last tax year. A large proportion of the SCF payout was to insider traders who knew they would make a profit from the bailout.
National are costing us 300 million a week for election bribes. They are proposing to defraud us of even more with asset sales to increase the profits of asset strippers and incompetent managers.

Who are the real bludgers???


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