Monday, May 30, 2011


I hate to say this, but our last chance of defeating the Neo-Liberal tide in NZ are sleep walking their way to defeat.
At this late stage they can only rearrange the chairs, but Goff is too colourless to counter Key.

Labour should have introduced new blood at the top when Helen Clark left. AND! grown a spine!

Over 60% of New Zealanders oppose National's policies, but will vote for Key anyway because Labour has failed in providing a credible alternative. Labour needed to show a clean break with the past and a clean break from failed Neo-Liberal policies. Most of the front bench were there during the introduction of more market policies and asset sales in the 80's. They are not credible now half-heartedly advocating a reversal of those policies.

Many people did not vote for Labour last election because after 9 years they did little apart from lightening the Neo-Liberal dogma a bit.,
Keeping most of the same top figures, from the past, indicates they are more interested in keeping their jobs than being re-elected to Government to prevent NACT's demolition of New Zealand.
Matt McCarten on Labour.

Another 3 years of National's cut taxes to the rich, sell assets and borrow will certainly "leave the cupboard bare" leaving little room to maneuver for the next Government.

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