Monday, May 30, 2011


National is driving even more New Zealand jobs offshore as they drive up the dollar with borrowing for tax cuts for their voters. National borrowing for election bribes. Sound familiar to anyone who was around during the Muldoon National Government in the 70's and early 80's.

None of the borrowing would be necessary if we had kept reasonable progressive tax rates. Like Australia, Scandinavia and other more successful countries, instead of following failed States like Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Bernard Hickey on Investment

It was the neo-liberals from the first ACT government, in 1984, on that made NZ hostile to investors in productive business. Since then productive investment in NZ has been less than 1/3 of the rate before 1980.

Why invest in NZ when the median income is too low paid to buy your products and you can make more money from gambling in finance and land speculation.
The Government even bails you out when the speculation fails.

Not to mention the grossly overpriced NZ dollar due to the, way past its used by date, reserve bank act, AND, lately, Nationals borrowing for tax cuts to those who have benefited most from our infrastructure and educated workforce.

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