Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yeah we should be doing something about those on State welfare.


Yeah we should be doing something about those on State welfare.

Banks and finance companies who fail with Government guarantees. And the insider traders who buy into them knowing they will fail and be bailed out.
Employers who can pay low wages because the state takes up the slack with WFF and childcare allowances.
Poor employers who drive good ones out of business because labour laws are so slack.
State owned companies given away to corporates for cents on the dollar.
External subsidies from ratepayers to dirty Dairy.
Employers given handouts to employ people who then get rid of them when the subsidy ends so they can get someone else who is subsidised.
Employers whose workforce are trained by the State..
Banks getting windfall profits when the OCR is raised.
Currency speculators who short the NZ dollar.
Really wealthy people who use a larger share of the countries resources, but structure their affairs so they do not pay taxes to cover their costs.
Fathers who use trusts to avoid paying child maintenance.
Farmers who have their hands out when they have floods, but do not have any taxable income.
State funded Police protection against people they have disenfranchised.

Politicians who accept an income from the people of NZ, while they sell them, and the country out, to their sponsors from private corporates.

Yep we really do need to cut welfare.

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