Friday, March 18, 2011

Voodoo economics.


 Junk Science and Voodoo economics.

"I'm talking about the acolytes of the 'free market' who have been predicting an 'economic recovery' for many years now.

But, unlike Ken Ring, these promoters of voodoo economics haven't been treated with scorn and derision. No sir. In fact their nonsensical predictions are discussed earnestly in Parliament in the newspapers, on the TV, in the radio, on blogs.

It doesn't seem to matter that they NEVER get it right. It doesn't seem to matter they are promoting economic theories that are junk. But unlike Ring's quackery, the quackery of neoliberalism is treated with reverence, it is ascribed legitimacy"


1 comment:

  1. Nicely put KjT. Those predictions keep on coming, no matter what the reality on the ground and they all say, 'business as usual', 'nothing to see here'.
    Too complex for most people to digest, let alone vomit back up, such mumbo-jumbo serves to befuddle us all.
    I'm enjoying your disassembling.