Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Welfare Crisis


The ongoing plot to starve New Zealanders into submission continues.


Wages and benefits are not dropping fast enough for some people.

Neo-Liberal thought in action. Manufacture a crisis so they can redirect more wealth from ordinary people to them selves.

If-only-those-poor-people-would-stop breeding

"I am revolted by the wealthly, well-educated, well-resourced people who wrote the Welfare Working Group's final report suggesting that all would be well in this country if only the poor people stopped breeding."

The effective way to stop women having lots of kids, as we all well know, is to raise their expectations, possibilities and standard of living.

 Though the problems have been greatly exaggerated by the working group, whose real agenda is cutting tax  for the really wealthy by punishing those their Neo-Liberal meanness has deprived of a future.

On the welfare working group.

"and accept any ‘reasonable’ job offer they get) when their baby is only 13 weeks old. It would be interesting to know which WWG panel members baulked at this proposal. Maybe it was the health specialists, because they realized the danger to the wellbeing of children that this crackpot idea would pose? "

How can there be any real economic benefit to pay to put young children in to childcare while forcing their mothers to work.

Maybe we should limit the children of the wealthy as they will grow up to consume far more than their share of the worlds resources.

Or accept that welfare is part of any functioning society.

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