Thursday, October 11, 2012

National's race to the Third World.



National has re-introduced youth rates.
At a level it is not possible for a youth to live on.

Pretending  that it will help unemployment.
In reality it is just another ploy in their attempt to satisfy their large corporate donors, by driving wages down to third world levels.

Young people being expected to subsidise their employers, even more than they are already, with the inadequate minimum wage, is not going to make for more employment.

There is a justification for a lower wage when the employer is contributing towards apprenticeship training for a valuable career. Not for, no future, McJobs.

National shuffling the deck chairs again while the ship heads for the icebergs.

 "The Government hasn't a clue about what to do about the job market, we can at least agree on that. The best they can do is play up to the most blinkered members of their congregation. They pulled the same stunt a while back with their 89-day sacking law, at the time spouting how much it would help youth into jobs. Result? Well, the youth unemployment rate is still a horror show and unprecedented numbers of youngsters are migrating to Aussie".

Wages are already too low. Enabling multinational employers to remove too much money from NZ.

Or Maybe Richard Boock has it right.
 "Slashing the minimum wage for teenage workers will create jobs? What nonsense, it's simply a case of the most vulnerable being sold off so the Government can keep its fat cats purring. It isn't a helping hand for the youth market, it's just a cheap and nasty sop to employers".

This will bite NZ business on the butt. Employees, especially young ones, are also paying customers.

NZ employers have already managed to shuffle off most of their training costs onto employees and tax payers. What more do they need.


Oh! I forgot. Slaves actually cost more, as you have to pay enough to feed and house them.

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