Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Printing Money". Banking. Part Two.


The Greens talk about Necessary Changes to Monetary Policy.
"Time to stop fighting Yesterday's war."

Gareth Morgan.

And why I do not agree with him this time.

Borrowing money, "printed money" from foreign banks, and paying 14 billion extra a year for the privilege, is sensible?
Do I detect a bit of self interest here?

In fact "printing money" worked very effectively for NZ in the 30's. So well it was copied by other countries.
All the howls about Zimbabwe and the Weimer
republic forget that their productive sectors were first destroyed,
before they started printing money, When there was nothing to buy with

Not a lot different from Nationals present efforts!

A lot different from lending to ourselves to invest in paying our
under-utilised and capable construction industry to rebuild
Vital infrastructure which will return the investment many times in future.

Also we did exactly the same thing from 1935 until the 60?s. Called the
Development finance corporation for a long time.
Worked well for us. Got us out of the depression before the US and UK for a start.
We are still using a lot of those assets. Apart from the ones our idiot
Governments sold, so someone else could profit from them.

National still seems to want to follow the USA, UK, Ireland and Greece down the tubes.

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