Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why do "they" want our schools?


Ever wondered why we have the push for charter schools when the evidence is so solidly in favour of State run unionised schools. The worlds top school systems are all State run and most are unionised.

Ever wondered why we are repeatedly told our State schools are failing, when they have been proven to be amongst the worlds best. PISA rankings at High school level.

Ever wondered why we are being pushed towards Charter/privatised schools when all the evidence shows they do not do as well as State schools.  Stanford University Study. Despite all the extra funding charter schools have obtained, and the often extra effort and pupil selection poured in to make them work, all but a few demonstration schools, have done worse in the USA than State schools.

Sweden and UK's schools are also falling in standards since charter schools were introduced.

Ever wondered why State schools are being starved of funding while extra money is put into private schools.

Ever wondered why we are funding tests to tell us what we already know.  Poor ,and hungry, kids do not do as well in school.

So they can claim the tests show State schools are failing.

Ever wondered why we are trying to imitate the USA, number 29 in school results, where poor kids are simply excluded from secondary education, and not Finland or even Korea, which are 1 and 2 respectively.

As always. Follow the money!

The finance industry has proven to be almost totally ineffectual in supporting entrepreneurial and productive business.
What they are good at is obtaining tax payer funding to add to their profits.
When tax payers are not bailing out their failures.

Education provides a certain source of tax and publicly funded wealth that, until recently, has been largely unavailable to the corporate pirates.

Education Profiteering Wall Streets Next Big Thing?page=0%2C0
 "Education privatization would not, per se, create a net new stimulus for the economy. But by diverting large existing flows of money from the public to the private sector it would create new profit-making ventures that could be capitalized and transformed into stocks, derivatives and leveraged securities."

"The Chief Finance Officer of JP Morgan reports that some 75% of the net increase in corporate profits between 2000 and 2007 -- before the financial crash -- was a result of cuts in workers' wages and benefits. Given that unions are the only serious vehicles for resistance to the corporate low-wage strategy, ................"

A challenge 

The attacks on State schools and their Teachers is entirely so that corporates can make money from the taxes we pay for education.

As usual the private sector are so poor at doing the thing they claim is their strength, starting viable businesses, that they want to steal "the socialists" successes. Ours!

Added. 17th. 
New Zealand's Charter schools are to be exempted from the official information Act, so the public will not even be able to assess how they are performing. Charter, sorry, "partnership" schools exempted from OIA.